Kumma is a technology first media company that knows how to achieve phenomenal results for its partners and publishers, using high-end proprietary technologies and advanced programmatic media buying.

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Our full spectrum of affordable, diverse offerings is waiting to dive in

  • Video

    Adaptable & personalized AI will help your content reach the right audience using our unique proprietary algorithms and our unique video optimization system.

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  • Technology

    The fundamental part of today’s industry is the technology that enables the growth of programmatic advertising. Learn how our technology can advance your campaigns.

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  • Programmatic

    Advanced technologies, well-praised expertise, and relentless, professional approach will make sure your desired outcome will be met.

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“We will analyze your demands and help you reach better results on larger scales in real time”

Lior Dori, CEO & Co-Founder

Make an impact with our inventory
of over


views per month.

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From research to results - your comprehensive solution for success.

Our Winning Process

One on One Personalized Service

We work diligently to build not only custom solutions, but also relationships that yield tremendous ROI.

Brand Safety

We get it — the brand is your baby! You can be certain that not only will we keep it safe; we’ll also nurture your brand for optimal development.


We view transparency as part of good communication: At every level, we make ourselves accountable, and your results clear, measurable, and effective.

Discover how our proprietary technology can help you achieve your goals

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“We've developed the ideal set of potent tools that will fast-track your success”

Tomer Poplavski, Co-Founder & VP Media

Advanced Programmatic Marketing Solutions that Makes Beautiful Things Happen

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