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Succeeding in mobile advertising requires extensive know-how, best in class technology, global high-quality audience reach and a dedicated team of experts that will not rest until you’ll meet your goals – Kumma has it all.

Mobile user acquisition, at scale.

Our cooperation with top traffic providers in the market, both direct and RTB, allows us to drive a massive amount of quality users to your apps! Combined with our proprietary technology, it ensures that the optimization will always be towards the goals that matter most to your business - whether it’s new users, lifetime value or both.


Kumma specializes in mobile performance campaigns (CPI, CPA, CPC) and can accommodate a wide range of cooperation models, in accordance to your needs. This way, we can guarantee that your dollar spend will be fully aligned with the specific KPIs that matter most to your campaign.


Our proprietary data-driven machine learning technology utilizes billions of data points to ensure high-value conversions with strong LTVs, in large scale. By analyzing sample audience, crossed with different types of environment variables (device ID, age, content, etc.), our system concludes which audience is optimal, and targets the users that are best aligned with your campaign's goals.


Our reach of more than 8 billion monthly impressions, which is based on our direct cooperation with tier 1 platforms and premium publishers, allows us to drive more than 500,000 new users to our clients business each month.


We have vast experience working with different types of advertisers from a verity of verticals, such as travel, gaming, social, news, lifestyle, e-commerce, business & finance, entertainment and more.


User Quality

Premium inventory alongside powerful targeting and smart media buying allows us to ensure that your campaign will reach only high-quality users that are relevant to your brand.

Audience Targeting

We are integrated with the world's largest DMPs. With our experience and their data, we can provide the best results for any goal as we will pinpoint the most relevant users for your brand.



Device Targeting

(Device ID, IP, OS/Version, Device Type)


News, Finance, Sports, etc.

Brand Safety

Our first commitment is to your brand. You can rest assure that your ad will not find its way to an environment that is not fully aligned with your brand values.