A Trading Desk Above the Rest

Think of Kumma’s digital advertising trading desk like a powerful, personal, marketing command center — putting the capability of finding, selecting, and paying for online advertising space and media back where it belongs: in your hands.

Our trading desk is flexible, agile, and most important: independent. This means there’s no conflict of interest: you can be certain that your ads are being given first priority and placed in ideal environments to maximize impact, conversions, and ROI, while eliminating unwanted impressions and using the most advanced programmatic tools in the market.

Kumma’s holistic approach to your online branding and performance involves employing a mix of best-in-class technology with our online digital partners, which ranges from DSPs to exchanges to programmatic marketing technologies.

Our primary mission is to provide you with a panoply of machine based custom tools, creative problem-solving methods, and programmatic marketing services, promising a seamless solution that will fit your goals and budget.

The Advantages of Programmatic Advertising

Our team will help your content or brand to stand out, based on years of experience and deep comprehension of the digital media advertising world, by means of the foremost programmatic instruments.

Smart Targeting

Smart Targeting

Kumma is working with some of the most distinguished ad-tech companies in the world to maximize the productivity of the targeting process, supplying the right audience at the optimal context. Our systems offer complete integration with data providers up to a single impression level and the most advanced media buying technologies, vouching that the advertiser will never lose an important opportunity.

Personal Touch

Personal Touch

The team's involvement in the programmatic media buying process will facilitate your success, as we will manage your brand and content in the most beneficial manner, applying it with the attention it deserves, based on your targets and objectives.

APP Distribution Campaigns

Kumma's team members spent years building strong relationships and gathering rich resources which will prove beneficial for your app as it will reach a broad audience, through a myriad of app distribution chains.


Your desired results will be achieved using our proprietary algorithms and our personnel's ability to refine and target the optimal audience for your content and brand.


Our real-time reporting capabilities, with years of experience to boot, will promise an ideal fit for the marketing strategy to your brand goals, throughout the entire lifecycle of the campaign.

Wider Reach

We make the holy grail of wider profitable reach possible via our leading publisher partners. Whatever your goals or targets are, our team will use inventive strategies and techniques to materialize them.

Self Service

If you aspire to operate on your own without our managing skills, you're welcome to use our proprietary technology.