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The one thing that really makes a difference in today’s programmatic world is the technology that enables it to grow and make digital advertising so efficient. With a great understanding of the media and advertising world, and with the prospects to continue leading the media world of tomorrow, Kumma had developed its own set of proprietary algorithms that put the company at the pioneer point of the ad tech industry.


Intelligent & efficient technology, optimized for your needs.
Robust campaign management made easy.

By using our unique & advanced copyright protected technology, your campaigns will be managed wisely; requiring minimal effort while producing maximum profits, thus assuring the best results possible will be achieved.

Our system classifies and categorizes users into segments, and targets only audiences that fit your target. We combine statistic results, gathered by advanced machine learning algorithms that utilize billions of data points. By analyzing sample audience, crossed with different types of environment variables (browser, age, content, etc.)

our system concludes which audience is optimal, and targets the users that are best aligned with your campaign’s goals, placing a bid adjusted to the predicted profit, for best performance and optimal results.

Kumma’s proprietary technology
is a groundbreaking AI-based campaignmanagement system
that knows how to optimize video oriented buying to ensure maximum views while maintaining optimal placements at the lowest bid price.

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Reinventing Ad Serving

With an eye to the future of media advertising, Kumma has developed a sophisticated learning algorithm for performance prediction that maximize campaigns revenue by using big data combined with knowledge gathered during years of research in the RTB marketplaces.

With our unique forecast abilities and knowhow, we maximize profit by optimizing the match between supply & demand based on performance, and by that increasing site revenue and creating a better user experience for the customers.

As with all of Kumma’s technologies, our new cutting edge algorithm is bound to change ad serving the way you know it.

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