It's evident that video content is one of the best methods to capture the desired audience's attention and draw it to your brand, business or site. The crucial part is to deliver the right message to the right viewer at the right time in order to induce the desired result. Kumma's proprietary algorithms use multiple data sources to predict the most effective target audience and isolate it from the huge irrelevant supply. With Kumma's enhancements, your video campaign will gain optimal efficiency at minimal cost, using advanced machine learning technologies to reach a large, personalized audience while keeping a high VTR and perfect viewability at real time.

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Knowledge is power

A known fact is that in the current digital era, data is a necessity. Our vast experience in video distribution gives us the advantage of knowhow, which, along with the symbiotic connection with our strategic partners, makes Kumma one of the leading media companies in the video advertising. No matter what is the message, we know how to deliver it to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right context.

Kumma's proprietary technology is a groundbreaking AI-based campaign management system that knows how to optimize video oriented buying to ensure maximum views while maintaining optimal placements at the lowest bid price.


We acquired the knowledge and the experience to guarantee your content will reach the right audience, based on smart targeting, at low cost on first rate premium sites, while keeping high viewability and complete brand safety.








Kumma is integrated with world's largest DMP's (Nielsen, eXelate, Grapeshot, Peer39, etc.) and uses their data plus our experience to provide the best ROI for any impression in order to find the right audience for your specific brand.

High Viewability

Optimized visual technological enhancements will allow your content to protrude; thus gaining actual and very beneficial exposure.

Wide Reach

Your content will be connected to an ample network of premium sites.

Customized Targeting

Using machine intelligence and proprietary algorithms, your content will reach the right audience at the right time.

Brand Safety

When it comes to the important topic of fraudulent traffic monitoring — We use top of the line technologies to guarantee quality that lives up to our exacting standards.

Complete Transparency

Our patent pending URL sniffing technology senses and analyzes every site's content, tags, and referrals.